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Our Paper Sacks flexibly protect a variety of rigid, bulky automotive parts, optimizing the usage of storage and transportation space, and helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Thanks to the multi-layer design, our Paper Sacks grant a well-cushioned and highly impact resistant primary package. Wrapping your parts in our Paper Sacks reduces packaging volume up to 70%, guaranteeing substantial cost savings. The recycled material also leads to a more efficient usage of natural resources.


Our Paper Sacks are available in a wide range of sizes and composition to grant a competitive cost and efficient degree of protection for each part.

  • From 2 to 5 Layers of Kraft paper – Fluting Embossed – MG Kraft – Tissue paper
  • Width range from 300 mm up to 1200 mm (11.81″-47.24″)
  • External layer printed with customer’s logo and product information
  • Optional anti-abrasive liner
  • Long side open (for bumpers)
  • Tubular (for spoilers)
  • Handles sacks (for side windows)
  • Tissue sacks (for chrome parts)
Papersacks on Pallet


  • Comes with anti-abrasive liner
  • Protects from damage, scratches and friction
  • The most sustainable packaging for spare parts
  • 70% recycled raw material
  • 100% compostable


The Independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certifies that ECE Papersacks leave 1/3 of the carbon footprint of alternative plastic packaging for automotive parts.